Chrissy Brandt
Chief Operating Officer/Air Quality Specialist    
M.S. Environmental Science & Policy-Johns Hopkins University
B.S. Biology-University of Maryland Baltimore County

Chrissy is a Senior Environmental Specialist with 10 years of experience in NEPA, project development, and project management. Chrissy has previously worked in the public sector, conducting and managing NEPA analyses for transportation projects and in the private sector as a project manager for petroleum remediation and monitoring sites.  

Chrissy has experience with technical analyses including air quality and hazardous material assessments. Chrissy has conducted many Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and managed multiple Phase II ESA's throughout her career. She has extensive experience in transportation air quality planning and analysis and has participated in the production of air quality analysis for transportation conformity. Chrissy has been involved with several national groups and committees relating to air quality policy and regulations. 

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