Caryn J. G. Brookman
M.S. Environmental Sciences  & Policy
B.S. Environmental Analysis & Planning

Juliet Healy
Senior Environmental Specialist
Former Certified Ecologist
M.S. Marine & Estuarine Environmental Science
B.S. Biology
Catherine Robbins
Senior Environmental Specialist
M.S. Environmental Science & Policy
B.S. Environmental Science/Geology
Chrissy Brandt
Senior Environmental Specialist
M.S. Environmental Science & Policy
B.S. Biology

Professional, experienced, knowledgeable. That's the Blackwater staff. 
In addition to consulting, many of us have worked for state and federal transportation agencies. We bring a unique perspective to each project. 

At Blackwater, we understand today's transportation and development needs. We help balance these needs with regulatory requirements and environmental conservation goals. 

Kirby M. Cole
Environmental Specialist
B.S. Environmental Science & Studies
Julie Newman
Office Manager
M.A., B.A.. English

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Bringing a unique perspective to each project
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Bob Maimone
Senior Environmental Specialist
M.A. Historic Preservation
B.S. History/Geography/ Environmental Planning
Stacy Talmadge
Project Manager/                              Senior Environmental Specialist  
B.S. Environmental Analysis & Planning