Caryn J.G. Brookman
M.S. Environmental Sciences  & Policy
B.S. Environmental Analysis & Planning

Linda Pan
Office Support Coordinator
B.A. Business Management
Catherine Robbins
Director of Technical Services/Noise Specialist 
M.S. Environmental Science & Policy
B.S. Environmental Science/Geology
Chrissy Brandt
Chief Operating Officer /Air Quality Specialist
M.S. Environmental Science & Policy
B.S. Biology

Innovative. Experienced. Knowledgeable. That's the Blackwater staff. In addition to consulting, many of us have worked for state and federal transportation agencies. We bring a unique perspective to each project. 

At Blackwater, we understand today's transportation and development needs. We help balance these needs with regulatory requirements and environmental conservation goals. 
Kirby Amoriello
Environmental Planner /GIS
B.S. Environmental Science & Studies
Julie Newman
Human Resources Manager
M.A., B.A.. English

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Bringing a unique perspective to each project
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Bob Maimone
Director of Environmental Planning
M.A. Historic Preservation
B.S. History/Geography/ Environmental Planning
Stacy Hawver
Senior Project Manager 
B.S. Environmental Analysis & Planning
Jessica Shearer
Director of Planning and Sustainability  
M.S. Environmental Science
B.S. Environmental Studies
David Thomas
Environmental Planner  
B.S. Environmental Science & Studies

Tyler  Ruth
B.S. Environmental Science & Policy
​Marissa Lenoce
Environmental Planner /GIS
B.S. Environmental Science
Adriene Metzbower
Senior Environmental Planner
B.S. Geography & Environmental Planning