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Planning & Sustainability

Our professional staff of planners are committed to creating viable and impactful solutions to foster climate change resiliency and adaptation. Utilizing asset management tools, performance measurements, and reporting methods, Blackwater helps our clients adapt to changing climate and extreme weather conditions that impact transportation needs. By assessing impacts, vulnerability, and risks, we assist and support our clients in developing and using this data to efficiently assess their resilience needs and to develop plans to address their vulnerable assets.

Climate Change & Resiliency

We understand the importance of assessing systems that are vulnerable to climate impacts, such as sea level change, storm surge, heavy precipitation, and other extreme weather events. We research, develop, and use data to assess resilience needs and develop a plan to address them. We lead studies into innovative strategies to help mitigate climate change. 

Equity Assessments

We create plans and framework to encourage meaningful participation from individuals,  and groups historically excluded or underserved. We conduct research into industry leading efforts to conduct a project-level equity analyses and prepare the methodology for completing the analyses. 

Strategic Plan Development

We develop plans that clients use to set goals, identify and allocate resources, and develop action plans to achieve desired outcomes.

Performance Reporting

We research planning & resiliency efforts to assesses the environmental quality and resource use efficiency in projects. 

GIS Data Analysis & Mapping

We utilize the full ESRI Software suite of products, QGIS open source software, and Adobe Illustrator to analyze site conditions and make conclusions. We produce easy to understand static and dynamic transportation, demographic, environmental, and property mapping for clients and public use. We design and manage databases of spatial and non-spatial data to help clients organize, track, and understand their data and assets. 

Grant Management

We assist with preparing, processing, issuing, and tracking grants and compliance with Federal and State regulations. We conduct program evaluation, including monitor and assess performance, and establish performance measures.

Alternative Energy

We assist in solar initiatives by identifying opportunities and partnerships to incorporate innovative energy alternatives into ongoing or upcoming projects. 

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