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Blackwater Environmental Group, LLC is a woman-owned small business that was established in 2009. The name Blackwater comes from the unique and magnificent Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge located in Cambridge, Maryland, the hometown of Blackwater Environmental Group's owner, Caryn J. G. Brookman.

After nearly 50 years of environmental law, it is important to remember the original intent of such law: environmental protection, conservation, and enhancement. Blackwater strives to remember that original intent with every project and seeks innovative ways to streamline the ever-changing regulatory process. Blackwater staff have over 20 years of experience working with governmental agencies, especially in the transportation industry, interpreting environmental policy, and developing unique solutions to daunting project coordination and environmental documentation tasks. Blackwater staff have worked for federal and state transportation agencies as well as private engineering companies and, therefore, bring a distinct and balanced perspective to the table.
A Woman-Owned MBE/DBE/WBE Certified Company 
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Our Mission 
Blackwater Environmental Group delivers exceptional environmental and planning services in the transportation sector by navigating current regulations while developing innovative approaches and fostering partnerships to help clients adapt to shifting industry demands and policies. 

Our Vision 
Blackwater will be a leader in developing compliant, sustainable, and resilient projects and programs in the transportation and energy sectors by being innovative, responsive, professional, and adaptive. Blackwater will become a full service environmental and planning firm by broadening our capabilities through recruiting, developing, and retaining expert staff with diverse experience to meet client needs and expand our client network.