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Planting a Tree

Community Involvement

We are firm believers in actively engaging in our local communities and workplaces to contribute to a brighter tomorrow. Through the impactful solutions we provide for our clients, the various ways our employees embody our core values of Community Service and Volunteerism, and our dedication to charitable giving, we strive to foster positive change and make our communities better places for everyone.

Blackwater CommUnity Corps

Apart from delivering impactful projects for our clients, we contribute to the betterment of our communities through volunteerism and service to organizations that resonate with our interests, promoting creativity and collaboration along the way. While we have always been involved in our community, in 2022 Blackwater established an employee-run volunteer group to encourage employees to give back and help others in need. 

Our Story

Blackwater Staff formed Blackwater CommUnity Corps with the purpose of identifying and organizing volunteer opportunities for employees. 


Our strategy for charitable contributions stands out. Whether supporting local environmental efforts, food banks, or other important causes in our community, we direct our volunteering efforts with organizations that align with the passions of our employees. 


We prioritize motivating our employees to participate in meaningful community engagement activities in their local areas. This is why we've established dedicated volunteer hours, allowing our team members to utilize their time and skills to recognized charities, causes, or nonprofit organizations that are personally significant to them.

Our Mission

Blackwater CommUnity Corps’ mission is to facilitate volunteer opportunities to Blackwater Environmental Group, and provide information to the team about organizations in the community that they can get involved with in both their professional and personal lives.

Our Members

These staff members plan, faciliate, and coordinate the events for Blackwater CommUnity Corps. Their dedication to providing volunteering opportunities to Blackwater staff is crucial in fulfilling the need to give back.

  • Marissa Lenoce Brown

  • Kaitlyn Conner

  • Stacy Hawver

  • David Thomas

  • Tyler Ruth

Volunteer Organizations

While Blackwater CommUnity Corps participates in numerous volunteering opportunities, below you will find a few organizations we regularly engage with.  

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Be Kind. Be Social. Be Exceptional.

Upcoming Events

Events Gallery

Check out our gallery of volunteer events to find out more information on how Blackwater Staff participated in giving back to the community!

At Blackwater, we are dedicated to being involved with like-minded organizations.

If you'd like to partner on a community event, fill out our Contact Us Form! 

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