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Environmental Planning

Our professional staff of environmental specialists and planners are committed to developing compliant and legally defensible NEPA documents and technical studies. Using our extensive knowledge and practical experience, we help our clients navigate the ever-changing regulatory world by interpreting environmental law and policy. Blackwater helps our clients adapt to changing climate and extreme weather conditions that impact transportation needs. By assessing impacts, vulnerability, and risks, we assist and support our clients in developing and using this data to efficiently assess their resilience needs and to develop plans to address their vulnerable assets.

NEPA Compliance & Documentation

As true practitioners and experienced leaders in NEPA compliance, we develop purpose and need statements, complete technical analyses, identify mitigation strategies, interpret current laws and regulations, draft legally defensible NEPA documentation and organize administrative records for projects. 

Air Quality & Noise Policy

Our senior air and noise specialists use their extensive knowledge of state and federal laws to develop policies that meet regulatory requirements. Our practical experience includes managing air and noise technical analyses on system preservation projects to major projects. 

Environmental Justice & Equity

We understand the critical importance that transportation, including mobility and accessibility, has on underserved and disadvantaged populations. Using accepted screening tools, data, and grassroots engagement, our staff identifies underserved and disadvantaged populations, evaluates potential impacts to these communities, and develops meaningful outreach methods so that individual needs are heard and considered in the decision making process. 

Process Streamlining

At Blackwater, we remember the original intent of national environmental policy- protection and conservation. We use our extensive knowledge of local, state and federal regulations to develop programmatic approaches and guidance to help our clients streamline environmental documentation, permitting, and agency coordination processes.

GIS Data Analysis & Mapping

We utilize the full ESRI Software suite of products, QGIS open source software, and Adobe Illustrator to analyze site conditions and make conclusions. We produce easy to understand static and dynamic transportation, demographic, environmental, and property mapping for clients and public use. We design and manage databases of spatial and non-spatial data to help clients organize, track, and understand their data and assets. 

Climate Change & Resiliency

We understand the importance of assessing systems that are vulnerable to climate impacts, such as sea level change, storm surge, heavy precipitation, and other extreme weather events. We research, develop, and use data to assess resilience needs and develop a plan to address them. We support studies into innovative strategies to help mitigate climate change.

Technical Analyses

Our environmental staff perform technical services that support NEPA compliance including Section 4(f) Evaluations, development of avoidance, minimization and mitigation measures, indirect and cumulative effects assessments, community effects assessments, and environmental justice and equity assessments. We ensure the most accurate, technically sound, and up-to-date information is being developed.

Public Involvement & Stakeholder Engagement

Successful project delivery rests on meaningful engagement. Our practitioners develop Public Involvement Plans (PIP), identify stakeholders, facilitate response to comments, and determine meaningful engagement approaches and effective outreach methods. We plan, facilitate and participate in community events, small and large public meetings, and other stakeholder events.

Agency Coordination

With many established relationships, our staff coordinate and collaborate with local, state, and federal partners and stakeholders to deliver a streamlined approach to regulatory compliance. Our senior staff are experienced in mitigating conflict through established issue resolution procedures. 

Impact Assessments

Using GIS and other available tools, we perform environmental inventory assessments and environmental impact analysis that support a myriad of technical studies. 

Grant Program Management

We assist with preparing, processing, issuing, and tracking grants and compliance with Federal and State regulations. We conduct program evaluation, including monitor and assess performance, and establish performance measures.

Alternative Energy

We utilize GIS to identify optimal locations for solar energy initiatives. We conduct comprehensive analysis to identify optimal land parcels, considering various factors including but not limited to solar irradiance, topography, land use, cultural and environmental resources, and site accessibility. We research data available by local utility suppliers to deliver data-driven insights for incorporating alternative energies into ongoing or upcoming projects, in order to meet local, state, and federal sustainability goals and requirements.

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